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Uninterruptible power supply (USV/UPS)


Uninterruptible power supply (USV/UPS)

No black out anymore when switching over to another battery.

…to avoid hardware damage and loss of IGC file.

Electronically monitored.

…by a modern technique, new developed by SOTECC.

Easy retrofit.

…due to the same e-cap dimensions used before normally. That´s why the USV/UPS can be upgraded in your glider with little effort.

Proven concept.

…every new glider of our partner company Schempp-Hirth is equipped with our USV/UPS.

In a nutshell:

  • No worries and stress while switching batteries
  • Prevent hardware damage
  • Easy retrofit due to standard ELKO size


The USV/UPS monitors the given avionic voltage and if recognizing a voltage drop over 500ms, it patches in the main battery. Fully automatic and without any worries of a blackout.