• SOTECC Strobe mit Schrauben
  • SOTECC Haubenblitzer von vorne
  • Haubenblitzer im Segelflugzeug Ventus 3M


The advantages at a glance

Red means danger.

…and is quickly perceived by the human eye. Due to its relatively high contrast, red stands out compared to white sailplanes. After several flight tests, we decided to equip the canopy flash and the new SOTECC strobe standardly with red CREE®-LEDs. Even on sunny days with high sun radiation. The SOTECC canopy-flash is a real eye-catcher.

Glider pilots are individualists.

… that´s why the canopy-flash and the SOTECC-strobe can be configured indivdually with the SOTECC-configurator. Depending on your preference: fast and easy adjustment of the flash frequency, alarm treshold and the function LED on the backside of the canopy flash. Different demand requires different settings. Consider flight school compared to cross-country glider pilots demand.

Protection also against aircraft without FLARM®.

…unfortunalety there is a high number of aircraft wihtout any anti-collison devices or transponder. As our systems are flashing with a battery saving frequency the whole flight, not only if there is a flarm detected threat, they can protect you also against aircraft without flarm. All this fully automatic, without any switch. Think about paragliders, general aviation, rescue helicopters…

In a nutshell:

  • Improved visibility due to 6 powerful CREE® LEDs
  • SOTECC configurator for individual demand
  • Protection also against aircraft without FLARM®

SOTECC canopy flash

More details

Haubenblitzer mit connectBOX


More details

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